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Inside the Workshop

In this closed group, the focus will primarily be on making wreaths using different materials and techniques.  We will also explore other crafting opportunities such as floral arrangements, furniture up-cycling, and other home decors.  This is because I feel the creative process can be enhanced by opening up to the many different crafting projects.  We will see how this will play out with the group.


We will also cover business aspects as needed for those who are interested.  But the main focus will be on wreath making.


This group will be a place where all can learn, share and especially grow.  I want everyone to learn from me and all others in the group as everyone has the knowledge to share.  This will be a safe place to share words of wisdom and friendship with the rest of the group.


There will be no unfriendly or unkind information shared within this group.  If anyone needs to address any situation, please do so with me privately and not within the group.


Things that I will deliver to this group


* I have 20+ years of design knowledge to share

* Ability to teach many different crafting techniques

* I will share all of my knowledge, tips, tricks, and insider hints for the best way for      you to take your vision to make a finished product

* There may be some information given in a "PDF" so that you can keep referring          to and in the future, we may provide exclusive tutorials

* Classes will be held on Facebook LIVE for this group only so that we can interact

   and have questions asked and answered at that time

* I will guarantee a minimum of two 1 1/2-2 hr. classes each month and it is 

   the intention of having 1 class each week, but I know things happen, such as illness,    etc., and I don't want to promise and not produce. We will meet on a regular day        & time. Classes will be held on our Group page to watch the replay in case you miss     a class.

   This will enhance the learning process.

* We will go into details of each project from the beginning to completion.  ALL I            KNOW can become what you know.

* ONE last thing I can promise for sure, this groups will be a fun community of

   learning in a friendly environment.  I think that you will find many opportunities

   for growth, fun, and learning.


                   How to join the Group


* Payment is made through PayPal.

* The Cost is $15.99 monthly (which is about               $4/class).

* Payment is on a recurring basis until you cancel.

            You may cancel at any time, however, there will                 be NO refund of the balance of the monthly rate.

* It is my hope that these classes will be a                   long and helpful collaboration for all of us.

"Something made with your hands, from your heart, is good for the soul".     Judy

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