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Share Kindness September 24, 2019

Hello Again! Well today, I was sitting at my desk in the Workshop putting together new designs of jewelry. I was alone here and this got me to thinking.

Designing and Creating is such a big part of who I am. When there were times that I wasn't as active in working with designs, I wasn't feeling fulfilled. My soul wasn't full to the top.

I am so thankful to my creator for giving me the ability to make beautiful things with my hands. I love to paint and decorate and do so many different things; it is such a gift.

You have heard me say that I don't take credit for any of it. The Lord gave it to me and I know I should use it to make others happy.

When you all tell me you are happy with a purchase from the Shop, my heart just bursts with joy! I really know why I was given the ability, however I wish that everyone could feel the same satisfaction that I do from creating.

If you have the ability to do anything to make this world a more beautiful and happier place, then please use it for the joy of others AND yourself. If you are not a creator, you can simply use kindness to brighten the world. A simple smile when you see a person in the shop could be the only one they see with a smile all day.

We never know what is going on inside of someone. If you can bring a moment of joy with just a smile, their day and yours will be better for it.

I sure don't know it all, but I do know that making others joyful is an act to be proud of.

So PLEASE! Share kindness and make our world a better place for everyone.

Ok until next time. Thanks for reading and be blessed!


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